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Using a demo account as an exercise in understanding the currents of the forex market is a pretty good decision. Of course with the direction of a good and trusted broker as you can see at quotex. Traders who use a demo account will be shown statistical charts of the forex market and they will also be given a certain amount of funds to practice on their demo account and of course, there are other facilities too. The demo account is similar to the real account, the difference between the two is the funds in each account. For the demo account, the funds have been provided with a forex trading platform, which is in the form of unreal funds and you can use them but when you get a high profit from your trading practice, you will not be able to withdraw your profit. As for the real account, you have to deposit your money and the profit that you will get in your trading on the forex market you can withdraw to go directly to your account.

But on a demo account, we suggest that you should be fully familiar with the situation that occurs in the forex market before you use a real account. If you are ready, then now you can create a real account to trade with real or real currencies too. When you create a real account, you will be asked to fill in some personal data and asked to sign a statement and an agreement.

This agreement letter will usually be in the form of several sheets of paper containing the rules for transactions, commission regulations, transaction risks that can be experienced, and other costs, and several rules are usually set. This will usually be there when you use the services of a broker.