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A meteorite impact in what is now the Czech Republic is thought to have created the green gemstone Inner Vision Crystals. This stone is thought to be a potent spiritual tool that can aid in spiritual development and transformation. To preserve its beauty and therapeutic benefits, moldavite must be handled with care as it can be a delicate and fragile stone. Here are some suggestions for maintaining your moldavite stone.

Cleaning: Because moldavite is porous, it can collect dirt and skin oils. Simply wash and thoroughly rinse your stone in warm, soapy water to clean it. The stone's surface might be scratched if you use harsh chemicals or abrasive products.

Safely keep it: Moldavite is a soft stone that can easily broken or cracked if improperly stored. When not in use, keep your moldavite in a secure location where it won't be bumped or jostled. Moldavite is best stored in a soft linen or velvet bag.

The material moldavite is sensitive to heat and should not be exposed to high temperatures as it may become brittle or discolored. Keep your moldavite away from hot surfaces like car dashboards and windowsills, and try to avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or next to heat sources.

Put a barrier between the stone and your skin: If you wear your moldavite frequently, think about putting a barrier between the stone and your skin. In addition to helping to keep the stone from chipping or cracking, this can lessen the amount of dirt and oils that are transmitted to it.

Recharge frequently: It is suggested that regular recharging can help to keep moldavite functioning at its best. Moldavite is said to absorb and release energy. Put your moldavite in a bright spot or close to a plant for a few hours to recharge it. Some people like to leave their moldavite in a crystal grid or to bury it in the ground overnight.

In conclusion, maintaining your moldavite stone will help to ensure that it remains attractive and useful for many years to come. You can assist to preserve the moldavite's natural beauty and spiritual qualities by adhering to these straightforward guidelines.