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Over the last few months, BBC Future Now has examined some of the biggest problems facing humanity
the current use of land to accommodate exploding populations,
the future of nuclear energy, the gap between the rich and the poor - and much more.

But what about the big challenges 선물거래소 that will be faced in the future?
In 30 years, what problems might be on the world agenda to solve?

1. Human genetic modification

The debate among scientists began to roar last year over the new technology that allows us to edit human DNA.
It's called CRISPR (pronounced 'crisper') and it's a way of changing people's DNA to get rid of diseases like cancer.

2. The elderly population is swelling

Not only will we be grappling with the fact that the world's population is exploding - but people are also living longer than ever.
Which is great - but all those senior citizens will need care.

The number of elderly people will increase by more than 50 times – from 500,000 today to more than 26 million in 2100.
From the UK to Japan to China, countries with a population over 65 will become more commonplace.